YouTube – is longer stronger?

While shorter ads may prove more succesfull on TV, YouTube might be a whole different case.

Is longer – stronger?

According to recent study published on Think with Google, the previous notion of making TrueView ads on Youtube as short as possible in order to make them more effective may prove to be a misconception in many cases.

Google partnered up with Mondelez to find out, how people react to the same ad in a 15 & 30 seconds and a 2 minute long format.

They found, that people were 30% more likely to skip the short format than the 30 seconds and the 2 minute long versions. This was mainly due to the fact, that the longer form provided extra depth and the more complex stories created a more meaningful connection to the brand.

So, are short videos bad on YouTube?

Not at all, it depends on your marketing goals throughout the campaign. If you aim at driving awareness to your message, the short form is perfect for you. While they have a considerably lower View Through Rate (VTR), the 15 second ads are several times more effective in driving brand awareness: their ad recall percentages are through the roof, compared to the longer versions.

Also, short and microvideos remain one of the most efficient engaging generating content on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.


What about branding in videos on YouTube?

It is important, when using longer videos not to leave branding to the end of the video. VTR is gradually decreasing as we progress in the video, and in the end, only a fraction of your viewers will actually watch the branded content. The best practice at the moment is to find ways for branded content to be present as the story unfolds, try to make it itertwined with the progress of the video.

Source: Think With Google

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