Bumper ads: the snackable content!

YouTube introduces it’s new, 6 second unskippable ad format, bumper ads!

So, does an extra second add to the performance of your ads on YouTube?

Simply: yes.

The unskippable part of bumper ads are not the same as in traditional preroll ads, where the 5 seconds of unskippable content is followed by another 25 seconds of content. Bumper ads have 6 second unskippable content since they are 6 seconds long at most.

Creating such short ads on mobile devices makes them more appealing to young audiences, compressing the message of the traditional longer ads into smaller, “snackable” ad content. These micro-videos also provide great opppurtunities for serialized ad content, creating further storytelling possibilities.

According to early tests, this new format proved to be very effective on mobile devices in the target audience, providing strong lift in upper funnel metrics like recall and awareness. Pairing the ads with a TrueView campaign also increases it’s effectiveness in driving incremental reach.

One of the first adaptors of the ad format, Audi, cut up their original TrueView ad and created shorter, serialized content from it.

This of course does not mean, that the longer format is no longer viable,  it just proposes an alternate tool for promotion aimed at certain target groups.

Source: Google Inside

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