Shop tab for Facebook pages!

Yes, the long awaited function is finally out of beta: they are rolling out shop tab for Facebook pages!

Shop tab for Facebook pages was designed to enchance organic product discovery for small businesses. It basically ads a new section next to your “Home” and “Photos” section and lets you sell your products to your customers directly form your Facebook page.

What can you do with the shop tab for Facebook pages?

  • Upload products and product information without the need of having a preexisting product catalog uploaded.
  • Curate and customize your shop’s product catalog.
  • Sell directly from your Page.
  • Manage orders, shipping, cancellation of orders and refunds without leaving your page.
  • Run ads to promote one of your products directly.
  • Get specific insights.

This feature is still in the rollout phase, therefore may not be available in all countries at the moment, but can be expected to be available worldwide in the coming weeks.


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