We believe in education can boost the efficiency of a marketing team the most, this is why we validate this within our team members as well. What we experienced so far is that after a comprehensive training series (3-4 sessions) the exploitation of analytical softwares (whether it is Google Analytics, Google Optimize or Data Studio) increases dramatically. As we have more Certified Google Trainers within our agency we have great practice in giving training not only on a 1:1 level, but for bigger groups, wider marketing teams of a company as well.

Why take Trainings with us?

Knowledge gained through our trainings helps you navigate through Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Data Studio / Google Optimize, understanding your data, and making informed marketing decisions on this.

Our certified practicing professionals have been training many small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and huge multinational companies as well – in business life you can profit of our large-scaled experience.

We will try to help you find actionable insights easier and quicker.

Measuring your needs

Basic and advanced Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Data Studio / Google Optimize trainings are available to colleagues in marketing and developer teams also. Training is always tailor-made so that the knowledge acquired here can best be used in everyday work.

Our trainings are enjoyable and extremely useful at the same time.

Some examples of training topics:

  • Assisted conversions and attribution models
  • Multi Channel Funnel reports
  • How Universal Analytics tracking works?
  • Further analytical tools for analysis
  • Defining Micro and macro conversions
  • When should we use custom reports?
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