Measurement Strategy

One of the most common questions that we get from an onboarding client is “can I trust in my Analytics data?”. If you have already asked this question at least once, you are on the right track. As part of a Measurement Strategy project we not only double check whether your data in your Analytics account is reliable, but also enhance your current level of collected data enabling you to carry out detailed and advanced analysis.

During the years INTREN has successfully managed numerous comprehensive Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager deployments. With the expertise of our certified professionals, the complex implementations have been a perfect base for providing clean and extended range of data.

Google Analytics Implementation / Migration

Our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Team can help to implement the recommendations for increasing both micro- and macro-conversions as well as business-defined key metrics. We help you define your digital business goals and align the proper measurement strategy to it. This project is including but not limited to set up ecommerce tracking and Analytics goals, implementing event tracking, creating the most useful Google Analytics account strategy and elaborate sophisticated remarketing lists.

Google Tag Manager Implementation / Migration

Over a certain complexity of a marketing strategy specific tag management solution can be a real lifesaver for you. Being Google Tag Manager certified agency we have a great experience in advanced tag management implementations as well, the most common solution that is favoured by the most businesses is Google Tag Manager. In case you are running paid advertising on more ad platforms, if your website and the product or service composition incorporates far-reaching details and variations, if you are using further marketing optimization tools such as heatmaps and AB testing solutions,  if you want to disengage some developer capacity, you might want to consider implementing Google Tag Manager on your website or mobile app.

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Besides Google Analytics / GTM setups we help you with:

  • Campaign tagging
  • Page tagging
  • Site search tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Subdomain, Cross domain and Rollup tracking
  • Filter implementation
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Identify and setup goal funnel steps
  • Building custom reports
  • Report Automation
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