360 Suite

INTREN, as a Google Analytics Certified Partner and an official Google Sales Partner of the Google Analytics 360 Suite helps you to enhance your marketing armory thus contributing in achieving greater business results.

Marketing strategies are getting even more and more complex and at the same time we are using countless tools for advertising and also for optimization. GA360 is the perfect platform for evaluating all of your tools along a steady and reliable measurement structure. This way you can have a better understanding of your users’ behaviour and interaction with your brand, and you can come to deliberate business decisions based on data and not divination.

We will work with you together to maximize your GA 360!

Signs that you should consider switching to GA360

Every business’ goal is to grow, improve and extend their client base. If you are also on this way and experiencing that:

  • you often face with sampling in the standard reports of Google Analytics
  • you are using (or planning to use) further product of Google Marketing Platform (such as Display & Video 360 or Search 360) or Google Big Query and you’d benefit from integrating these systems
  • you wanna analyse your data in a more granular way
  • you could further optimize your paid marketing efforts with data driven attribution
  • you would love to use the opportunity to participate in various betas

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Main benefits of Google Analytics 360

  • No sampling
  • Faster SLA
  • Custom tables for more convenient and faster report generation
  • Google BigQuery integration
  • Display & Video 360 and Search 360 integration
  • Data Driven Attribution
  • Roll-up reporting

Other tools beside Analytics

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