Digital Analytics

360 Suite

INTREN, as a Google Analytics Certified Partner and an official Google Sales Partner of the Google Analytics 360 Suite helps you to enhance your marketing armory thus contributing in achieving greater business results.

We will work with you together to maximize your GA 360!

Digital Consulting

From initial setup of Google Analytics or repairing incorrectly implemented codes we work with you to establish and maintain a measurement strategy tailored to your business needs, creating comprehensive reporting strategy to provide the needed information for you (or even for the management level) at any time.

Measurement Strategy

One of the most common questions that we get from an onboarding client is “can I trust in my Analytics data?”. If you have already asked this question at least once, you are on the right track.

Testing & Optimization

With Testing and Optimization (or even Personalization) you can provide your website visitors a better user experience and at the same time you can understand the needs of your customers.


We believe in education can boost the efficiency of a marketing team the most, this is why we validate this within our team members as well.

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