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INTREN is a full service, data driven, digital agency. We plan, create, operate, measure and optimize complex digital marketing ecosystems.

Balazs Gandera

Balazs is INTREN’s founder and CEO. He considers himself a business focused geek. From ads to analytics, from funnels to blockchains, he works every day to figure out how we can be better at delivering business results to our clients.

My focus is always on the company’s next challenge, currently
– Aligning the company structure to manage growth, needs and expectations.
– Keeping INTREN the professional superior @ Budapest in the areas of digital ads, analytics, digital branding and SEO.
– Innovating to keep our first mover philosophy in the upcoming areas of digital marketing.
– Serving the management team.
– Speaking on stages to promote the digital supremacy.

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Alex Gyori

Alex is co-founder of INTREN, head of our very first business unit, the core that helped INTREN become a full scope digital agency.
Alex is a licensed Google Academy trainer, holding official Google AdWords sessions on a regular basis, visited by far over 1.000 digital marketing professionals up to date.

Our Ad Operations team is responsible for managing all biddable advertising systems to create conversion based or reach focused campaigns, including but not limited to Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing and a wide variety of managed DSP and RTB systems.
Our competence is not limited to ad services. Advanced reporting, analytics, landing page optimization and consultancy are all necessary skills of the Ad Ops team to serve as a cornerstone of our digital marketing ecosystems.

Nora Toth

After her years in the tourism industry, Nora was working for Google in Dublin, leading the Analytical Specialists of Google globally. Moving back to Hungary she started building the Analytics business unit at INTREN. During her leadership INTREN pioneered digital marketing being a Google Analytics Certified Agency in Hungary and got awarded as Google Analytics Sales Partner. Certifications for Google Optimize, Data Studio and Google Tag Manager followed shortly. She is also a certified Google Academy trainer.

Our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) team is eager to help our clients achieve their business goals. By finetuning their Google Analytics accounts, enhancing current measurement or creating complex measurement strategies the team is working closely with our clients to support business growth. By providing trainings in several fields of optimization we also focuse on sharing our knowledge and up-to-date novelties with our clients. Besides the Google Analytics 360 Suite, the team has wide experience Hotjar, Firebase, Optimizely and other analytical tools.

Webanalytical services

Balazs Buza

Balazs is head of creative content planning & development at INTREN. He has been working with social media based solutions since 2011, focusing on innovative and cross-platform campaigns. Balazs’s experience comes from an extensive clientele, ranging from local mid-sized travel companies to global FMCG brands.

The content team is the creative hub at INTREN. The creative strategies and subsequent pieces of content we create help all the other business units maximize results on a day to day basis. We make sure that every bit of content we create is on-brand and on-business, so that it is not just piece of creative but also helps to achieve KPIs in a measureable way.
Video- image- and text-content creation is the heart of INTREN’s 360° digital ecosystem engineering.
Data is the fundamental base we build on, and content fills the creative space with relevance, bringing our brands to a vivid digital presence.
When we “see” our clients, its through data…But when the customers see our clients it is through our content. This transformation is our professional reponsibility.

Tamas Takacs

TT is responsible for planning and executing digital development projects for our international and corporate clients, also managing the timeline and budget for each project. He started as a developer, today his project management and IT architecture skills support not only our clients but also INTREN’s own internal systems.

The main task of the dev team is to serve every SEO and web development need of our clients and to support our internal innovation programs. Our work is characterized by agility and performance. We don’t think of websites, landing pages, apps, or any piece of code we write as separate entities, instead we take into consideration the role they play in the digital ecosystem. Accordingly, we can advise cost-effective, template-based solutions, yet we are also experts in developing custom build websites. Measuring performance, SEO friendly configuration, driving paid traffic, and creating engaging content is not a second thought. Theres are integral parts of every step we take. Afterall we now that when our websites are up and running, the best Google AdWords, SEO and Facebook advertising specialists in Budapest will take on the lead.

Barbara Demeter

Barbara has over 15 years of experience in the media industry. She has acquired extensive experience in the planning and implementation of online, ATL (print, indoor) and BTL campaigns. Before joining INTREN, she worked with multinational media corporations, contributing to the strategic and tactical planning both online and offline. Currently she’s the director of INTREN’s customer relations, leading the digital consultant team, who are responsible for the highest level of digital consultancy services we provide.

In the wake of INTREN’s transformation in 2017, I started implementing a more client-oriented, client-first approach with my team that would enable us to represent the integrated digital marketing mentality, which our company has been building successfully for almost 10 years. My team of digital experts, all of whom have many years of professional experience embody this approach and put it into action to reach the business goals of our clients. One of our most important tasks is to understand the challenges and opportunities of our clients in depth. So that we can work together on a strategic level of consulting, planning, and implementation towards success.

Viktoria Kecskes

Viki left the academic field of liberal arts about 10 years ago and subsequently gained 7 years of professional experience in digital branding and content marketing. She worked with multinational brands from FMCG, tourism, finance, and computer technology industries over the years. Besides consultancy services she is now preparing the launch of INTREN’s new business units.

My main task is to support our business units and assist in the discovery of new business and professional opportunities. Throughout my years at INTREN, I was able to learn about the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies. I am implementing this knowlegde now not only for content marketing but also at a strategic level. It is a great challenge to communicate and represent our digital leadership not only towards long-established clients but towards prospective future clients as well. Hence, I believe that it is imperative to increase the reputation of INTREN, so I am also responsible for our case studies, competition entries and tender pitches.

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