The importance of target group segmentation

The success of social media marketing lies in high quality content being made for a clearly defined target group.Nowadays, almost all international and local brands try using social media in their marketing activities. However a lot of brands cannot achieve success in social media because, in many instances, they cannot define their target group properly.

The segmented target group

We made a comprehensive study of ASUS and its Republic Of Gamers.
ASUS is one of the largest IT companies in the world, but its subsidiary, Republic Of Gamers is a less known brand, specializing in the production of high-end gaming configurations.
If we analyze the two target groups, we can see more differences and can notice more issues over content produced.
The target group of ROG is easy to define and also to analyze. Their segment consists of young people who are fond of PC building, gaming enthusiasts and IT lovers, which compared to the TG of ASUS is close to being a niche market. Being such a segmented TG, our insights are much more detailed. We can see their interests better, so we can satisfy their needs better, making content creation much easier.

The broad target group

In the case of ASUS, since their products are made for a wider audience, we are talking about a much broader and less defined target group. This is one of the key factors, why finding the proper way of communication is difficult: it is heavily dependent on who we would like to reach. Due to this reason content producing is way more difficult for ASUS. It is almost impossible to satisfy all of their needs and interests, therefore we have to test several key topics beforehand, analyze the results and then determine the type of content to be produced to ensure social success.

Comparing target groups

Comparing overall performance of content in the social world, it can be said that the content produced for ROG is more successful than the ASUS contents. The results of the organic reach show that in the case of ROG the number of engagement is 3-4x higher, the number of comments is 7-8x more and the number of shares is 2-3x more than that of ASUS.
This shows that a more defined target group allows better planning with more organic reach and actions, whereas working with bigger less defined, broader targeted brands without micro-segmentation always requires advertising support.

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