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Social media is a must for modern companies, from classic B2B firms through FMCGs to next-gen e-commerce companies.

Companies understand that since social media provides one of – if not the most significant portion of their digital visibility, they must have a polished and smooth outlook whilst supporting the company’s overall goals.Achieving this requires lots of resources, including human resources, digital expertise and budget, making it inefficient to manage it solely through internal assets.

Social media must not only serve as an awareness and interaction interface. A genuinely efficient social media communication should also support more revenue-focused goals by providing assisted conversions and constant conversion trigger-points for your potential customers, becoming a vital part of a holistic digital ecosystem.

INTREN’s social and content marketing solutions help you save resources whilst providing bleeding-edge solutions in both trends and features on all major social channels. We manage your platforms, create your content and help you establish your brand as a modern, digitally apt firm while supporting your overall goals.

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