Create a data measurement strategy

With the rise of privacy-focused web solutions and the sunset of technologies defining data collection for decades (like 3rd party cookies and the now-legacy Google Analytics 3), the need for granular 1st party data collection and a flexible measurement strategy became vital for online businesses.

All big advertising networks and media houses progress in the same way: the better data you can feed into these systems, the better outcome you’ll enjoy from your campaigns.

Still most websites run the soon-to-be-outdated version of Google Analytics and collect online data in silos. The actual know-how and value from the data aggregates in multiple places, ad accounts to third-party systems, so they contribute to “someone else’s know-how’.

Act now and futureproof your data strategy by consulting our team on how to:

  • audit your present data collection practice
  • check if you run the latest Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4 or Google Analytics 4 360)
  • fill in the gaps based on the audit and create your measurement practice
  • be prepared to activate your data in Advertising systems like Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram,  Bing or TikTok.

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