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As a result of the constant change in digital marketing, most companies have their data in multiple systems, inside or outside the company’s own infrastructure. Customer data might sit in a CRM, transactional data in the backend or maybe in Google Analytics, performance data in third-party ad accounts or being embedded in hidden sheets behind the management dashboards, just to name a few.

As all big advertising systems (from programmatic providers through Google Shopping campaigns or native ad networks) rely more and more in feeding in our own data to enhance targeting and maximize the return on ad spend – it becomes absolutely vital to stop storing our own data in separate silos.

Take this example for a quick thought experiment. In Google Shopping smart campaigns our return on ad spend correlates almost perfectly with the quality of data that we are able to feed in towards Google. While it is essential to have the product infos in a data feed, could you also add  your profit on the specific products for example? The priorities of your procurement team? Non-transactional data that correlates with your margin? Inventory information? “Best before” dates? Not to mention data regarding your target market, like user segments, demography of your high value customers and more.

Activation of owned (1st party) data in online advertising campaigns is the most valuable strategy one can follow these days. Surely the project is not always easy. We’ve seen cases where everything someone could dream of was right there in the ERP system, still it took months to run the first pilot ad campaign using only a fraction of this data. As these projects often need a complex skillset of data transformation, web programming and ad campaign management, they are relatively hard to predict in scope and price, however our team of digital consultants are highly experienced in bringing you the most value based on what you already have in data assets.

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