Has Facebook messenger grown up?

From a business point of view: yes, Facebook Messenger is now in the big leagues!

If you followed recent news, it was clear to see how Facebook Messenger rising to the next level and making it a more viable and important tool for brands. This platform evolution is happening right in front of both us and the 900 000 000 fellow Messenger users.

The harbringer of this change was the cooperation between KLM and Facebook, developing the first in-built, business related Messenger feature, which enables passengers to get flight details, even their boarding passes, through the messaging platform.

However, as we have predicted, it wasn’t just a unique case…Let’s see the what else is new!

New features of Facebook Messenger

  • New User Names – Similar to Twitter, Facebook Page username will have an @ before it. Business will be able to use the new “m.me/(username)” link as well – it will connect people directly to a new Messenger thread with a business.
    The addition of (unique) user names will make it easier for people to connect with businesses via message.
  • Messenger Codes – people will be able to scan Messenger Codes using their smartphone camera and immediately open a thread with a business. It will be a very useful function for getting touch with customer service asap.
facebook messenger code
INTREN’s new Messenger Code
  • Messenger Greetings – these are basically customizable notes that appear in a new messege thread before messeges are actually sent. Businesses can set this function, greet people in a friendly tone and let people know what kind of messeges are expected.

Let’s give steroid for messenger platform’s business usability

Via Facebook API Businesses will be able to use some custumer friendly and automated solutions inside the Facebook Messenger. As announced they will be able to share a wider range of content via message to help improve communication, including text, images and flexible templates that offer structured text and additional functionality, like ‘Call to Action’ buttons in stream.

This illustration may help to understand these:

Facebook messenger

To sum it up: the main automated functions inside the Facebook Messenger are:

  • text message sending
  • text message sending with CTA buttons
  • text message sending with picture and CTA buttons
  • the usage of templates.
Facebook Messenger - new functions
Facebook Messenger – new functions

If you are curious to know more about Facebook Messenger Bots and Customer Match and their business opportunities just check the II. part of our articles here!

Source: www.socialdaily.com

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