Brand profiles on Instagram – Finally!

There was quite a wide range of new features for Instagram announced in the last couple weeks, including the analytical tools and the ability to buy Instagram ads via mobile… and now we have confirmation that Instagram Brand profiles will be available within the next few months. Finally!

For comparison, here’s how our profile currently looks on mobile and what it would look like in the brand new format:

Comparasion of personal and Instagram brand profiles
Comparasion of personal and Instagram brand profiles

What’s new with brand profiles?

Instagram brand profiles will have:

    • contact button with Get directions or E-mail the business options
    • category classification – in similar fashion as with Facebook pages

What could be the key benefits of Instagram brand profiles?

Regarding the contact button:

Using the new Contact button, users will have the options: Get directions (with opening a map) and E-mail the business…So finally won’t need to figure out elaborate workarounds for putting contact links into our Instagram profiles – besides of the bio link!

It is interesting to have seperate contact opportunity instead of using the built-in messenger. Some, newer features may follow the “Get directions” and “E-mail” options. It wouldn’t be suprising to have Facebook Messenger integrated into Instagram – we all know how much effort was put in the development of Messenger’s business solution recently.

Category – the familiar term moves to Instagram as well

With the addition of a specific business address, Instagram will able to better categorize it’s brand pages for relevant search queries and ad targeting options. Users will be able to get to this location screen by clicking on the location listing at the bottom of the business profile header.

So to sum it up: the brand profiles are finally confirmed, and all new features point towards making it easier for brands and their potential customers to connect. We are looking forward to the next months!


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