New features in Facebook Messenger!

Facebook has added new features to it’s Facebook Messenger platform, and they are looking really promising.

Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads

 Yes, that’s right. It will be possible to set your brand’s messenger as a target for ads in the newsfeed, driving people to engage directly with your bot. Clicks on these ads will directly open up a Messenger thread either with a copy of the ad or configurable structured message.


Enhanced Mobile Websites in Messenger [BETA]

This feature will allow businesses to add their mobile websites to Messenger, allowing users to browse it without leaving the app.

Messages with Payments [BETA]

The innovative payments feature will allow users to pay for products using only their phone and without even elaving the app. This, however, will only be launched in the US at first, and no worldwide launch date has been specified as of yet.

Enchanced welcome screens

Starting a conversation with your brand can now be even more informative through Messenger. You can add a special welcome page to your platform, giving out information about the brand, the average response time to be expected, or even categories to be engaged in.


App-level analytics

You will be able to download a separate, Messenger-related analytics in csv, containing figures like error and block rates.

…And many more!

  • Updated quick replies
  • Bot and content sharing
  • attachment re-use for fast multimedia sends

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