5 signs, that you should consider upgrading to Analytics 360

From the 9th to the 10th of March I will be part of an impressive line-up as a speaker at InOrbit, the biggest inbound marketing conference in Europe. By reading this post you can have a sneak peek of my presentation, “ANALYTICS360: FACTS AND BENEFITS”  and get an idea, how well Analytics 360 would suite your needs and your organisation.

Life after the 10.000.000th hit – Analytics property hit volume

Analytics Terms of Service and relevant support article also include an important limitation of Google Analytics free version, that is, you cannot have more than 10 million hits in one property per month. Although there’s no guarantee, that your 10.000.001st hit will get processed, but it’s more likely that it will be available in your reports, and you will get a suggestion on upgrading to Analytics 360, or to use client side sampling for your data collection, to reduce hit volume.

It’s easier to reach this hit limit, than you might think, if you have a medium-to-large webshop, and you have a decent range of events measured, combined with the great features of Enhanced Ecommerce implemented.

A little hit-math

The limit of 10mn hits / 30 days means approximately 333k hits / day. Assuming 6 page views, 3 events, and 3 additional enhanced ecommerce events per session, this sums to 12 hits per an average session. This results around 28K sessions per day, to reach this limit.

How do you compare? Just log into Analytics, head on to Administration panel. Select Property settings, and look for “Property Hit Volume”, where you’ll find your relevant stats.

Unsampling is the new black – Analytics sampling

I’m pretty sure you have already wanted to see your site traffic for the last six months, filtered for paid traffic, and looking at the campaign performance by device types. Even adjusting settings to higher precision, your data gets sampled, and transaction numbers, conversion rates just get unreliable.

Considering common experiences, and not scientific background, it can be still useful for a figure of hundreds of thousands, like sessions and page views. But on smaller scale figures, like goal completions or ecommerce transactions, it just becomes too hectic, upon adjusting date ranges or secondary dimensions.

Instead of collecting data by weeks into a spreadsheet, it’s way more convenient, faster and reliable to get unsampled reports in Analytics 360.

The two towers – Analytics and CRM integration

Have you ever run into the property level limitation of Google Analytics free version, allowing at most 20 custom dimensions, and 20 custom metrics? Well, i f you are trying to capture all or majority of business related data in analytics, then there are chances, that you have faced a dilemma to prioritise your custom dimensions. Non-PII customer characteristics (e.g. segment, customer-value, loyalty level), advanced product attributes and characteristics, or even channel related data, if you already track your omni-channel performance in Google Analytics, just to name a few. Or maybe actual weather with each session, if your business and online traffic highly depend on that.

Google Analytics 360 offers you ten times more custom dimensions and metrics to be tracked. A new level of details that can be introduced to your analysis, which brings us to the next item on our list.

Also, at the heart of the 360 suite there is the capability to connect countless data sources from Analytics 360 suite, and from nearly any third party product, including your email or inbound marketing / marketing automation tool, or your very own CRM system. You can use all these to get a complete view of your customers.

Fast, faster, fastest – Analyitcs 360 SLAs

Are you running short-term campaigns on a regular basis, where instant feedback on results could be used to make necessary adjustments? Have you ever wanted to verify an effect of settings, or performance of a new landing page quickly? If yes, data freshness is crucial for your enterprise. With Analytics 360 data freshness is guaranteed to be within 4 hours, and it’s typically even faster.

The Ultimate Eye-candy – Data Studio

Have you ever been trying to present Google Analytics data exported to Excel, and then dumped into a Powerpoint slide, just to realise, that one more dimension split would be beneficial to be included? Or maybe delivering the same Analytics-based reports every week to your colleagues at marketing department?

Well, Data Studio is here to help you. It is more than just sharing data across your organization. Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to update, easy to share, and fully customizable.

With the help of reusable templates, rich library of visualizations, you only need a few clicks and drag-and-drop actions to create your own meaningful and beautiful dashboard or report.

Have you been nodding with your head during reading at least one of the examples above? In this case, we have a good news for you: INTREN, as one of the leading digital agencies in Hungary, is official reseller of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, once more pioneering digital analytics services in Budapest. We are ready to get you into the details, and find how Analytics 360 can deliver the most value to you.

If you want to hear more about this topic, and other great speakers about inbound marketing and digital analytics, we warmly recommend joining InOrbit 2017 in Ljubljana.


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