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New feature in Instagram: save draft

There is a new feature out on Instagram: save draft option.

Balázs Buza
October 10, 2016

New features in Facebook Messenger!

Facebook has added new features to it’s Facebook Messenger platform, and they are looking really promising.

Balázs Buza
October 4, 2016

Instagram for business is just ’round the coerner

Since the long-awaited feature for Instagram is becoming available in more and more countries, let’s do a quick recap of what we already know, and explore what we can do in Instagram for business.

Balázs Buza
August 19, 2016

Digital overtakes television in CEE region

…and mobile is scheduled to take the lead very soon.

Balázs Buza
August 11, 2016

Boosted Instagram posts?

The Facebook owned platform is rolling out it’s new feature: boosted Instagram posts.

Balázs Buza
June 7, 2016

Instagram engagement rates continue to plummet

The template mathches the trends on Facebook: to generate Instagram engagement, you not only have to create relevant content….you also need to pay.

Balázs Buza
June 7, 2016
Facebook messenger

Has Facebook messenger grown up?

From a business point of view: yes, Facebook Messenger is now in the big leagues!

If you followed recent news, it was clear to see how Facebook Messenger rising to the next level and making it a more viable and important tool for brands. This platform evolution is happening right in front of both us and the 900 000 000 fellow Messenger users.

Ferenc Novák
May 17, 2016
Instagram business profile

Brand profiles on Instagram – Finally!

There was quite a wide range of new features for Instagram announced in the last couple weeks, including the analytical tools and the ability to buy Instagram ads via mobile… and now we have confirmation that Instagram Brand profiles will be available within the next few months. Finally!

Ferenc Novák
May 5, 2016

Bumper ads: the snackable content!

YouTube introduces it’s new, 6 second unskippable ad format, bumper ads!

Balázs Buza
April 27, 2016

YouTube – is longer stronger?

While shorter ads may prove more succesfull on TV, YouTube might be a whole different case.

Balázs Buza
April 22, 2016