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Instagram engagement rates continue to plummet

Balázs Buza
June 7, 2016

The template mathches the trends on Facebook: to generate Instagram engagement, you not only have to create relevant content….you also need to pay.

How does this translate to Instagram engagement regarding content and follower growth?

According to an analysis cconducted by Locowise, in april:

  • Average organic follower growth decreased by 50% compared to last month, hitting an all-time low since April 2015.
  • The average follower growth decreased by a total of 91.79% since April 2015.
  • Organic engagement is plummeting too, with an overall decrease of 62.85% in a year. The current average is 1.04% of your total followers.


Though the study focused on the drop of organic activity, it also showed interesting results content-wise, which could prove useful in future content planning:

  • 90.81% of the content published in April 2016 were images. This means, that the video content market is still quite unsaturated, providing ample oppurtunities for brands to exploit.
  • While people tend to “like” videos less, they are much more inclined to engage more deeply in them, adding comments and shares.


Conclusion: as it was foreseeable, videos may be a good loophole for brands who want to avoid paid post boosting for a while, though not indefinitely.


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